Publication Ethics and Plagiarism

This workshop will focus on current and emerging ethical issues relevant to editors – both in-house and freelance – publishers, authors and other interested parties. It will also cover plagiarism and intertextuality, research governance, authorship and ghostwriting, data falsification, accessible data and replicability, open access and predatory publishing. In addition to discussing current practice guidelines and recent research, we will analyse case studies from STEMM and humanities disciplines, to describe threats and possible solutions.

This workshop will consist of presentations and analyses of case studies, including:

  • Emerging ethical issues relevant to editing and publishing.
  • Plagiarism and authorship: history and evolution.
  • Replicability crisis, open access.
  • Publishing, perishing and predatory behaviour.
  • Group activities and case studies.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have an awareness of current and emerging ethical issues relevant to editing, publishing and writing. They will have had an opportunity to reflect on what they might do if presented with ethical issues and will be able to advise authors, publishers and others.

This workshop is designed as a refresher for editors, publishers, authors and other interested parties.

Dr Tomas Zahora is a research and learning coordinator at Monash University Library, and a researcher in the history of ideas, science and education. Apart from managing the Library’s engagement with the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Tomas teaches writing, critical thinking and communication skills, and works with librarians and academics to embed skills into the curriculum. He has written on plagiarism, encyclopaedias, memory and forgetting, and the interaction of futurism and apocalypse, as well as on the history of thought and intertextual practices.