While many of us shy away from posting photos of ourselves online, it is increasingly expected in academic and professional circles, particularly of those of us who are freelancers or consultants. A website or Facebook page would seem somehow incomplete without photos and other images. A presence on Instagram or LinkedIn with no photos would be considered very odd, indeed; in fact, a lack of photos on a profile can help us to identify fake profiles.

Photos help to humanise remote working relationships, such as those we conduct during the editing process. From the perspective of a potential individual client, putting a face to the name of someone who is about to strip bare your life’s work can provide a surprising level of assurance that it’s in good hands.

There are, of course, arguments against posting photos of yourself online – including limiting the potential for discrimination and cybercrimes such as identity fraud and cyberbullying.

We’ll leave you to explore the pros and cons, but once you have decided to post an image of yourself alongside your professional online profile, it’s important to remember that first impressions do count. (Yes, millions of people still make their book purchases on the basis of liking the cover design!) And a selfie is simply not good enough.

Ready for your close-up

A woman taking a photo, with her camera pointed directly at the viewer
Photo by Matteo Vistocco via Unsplash

As at recent IPEd conferences, we are offering conference delegates the opportunity to have photos taken for professional use by a leading and exceptional portraitist, Tania Jovanovic. Tania will be available at the conference in the period 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Wednesday, 8 May, just prior to the Welcome Reception. Obviously, this is a very limited time and the session will book fast – get in quick!

For just $49.50 (includes GST) you’ll be provided with up to three headshots, in high and low resolution. After the conference you will be provided with full resolution digital files of the best photos, colour-corrected and ready for use, free of any copyright restrictions and watermarks.

Book in through the online registration form on the conference website. If you’ve already registered for the conference, email the conference secretariat at iped@conlog.com.au to request that photography be added to your registration, and you’ll be sent a tax invoice. Be sure to let them know if you require a specific time – otherwise you’ll be allocated on a first-in basis.

The photos will be taken in a specially constructed on-site studio, so come looking your professional best. And if you need someone to cast a critical eye over your appearance beforehand, who better to ask than an editor colleague!